Videography Samples!

I’m amazed at how quickly Diana turned around my video.
Filming with her was fun and relaxed, and we were quickly able to get some great footage.
When Diana delivered the first round of edits to my video, I cried. She did an amazing job capturing my story, personality, and brand. She totally hit the nail on the head!
— Lucy Cantley, Strategist & Project Manager

Podcast Production

I had been dreaming of launching a podcast of my own and considered it to be a long-term goal until I met Diana. She made launching my podcast not only possible but stress-free and fun! She continues to be a pleasure to work with as we release new episodes every week and I couldn’t imagine doing this without her!
— Kathryn Binkley, Business Strategist & Coach, Founder of Alyght and host of The LIT Ladypreneur Podcast